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all the time and every day.

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"Be grateful for the wound that pushes you towards God."

Yasmin Mogahed  (via muslimahbyheart)

There’s a lot of truth in this.  Sometimes, the Hell we go through is what pushes us in the right direction.  Even the worst of things.  It’s a hard concept to swallow, but I’ve seen it become a truism time and time again.

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We must fight for our joy.

This is beautiful. Please watch.

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"But God meets us where we are and, oh, what a thought: to live a life that’s free, but we are such a self-destructive bunch, aren’t we?"

Levi the Poet, Dear Pianist (via p3rspective)

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"I know no other lover who would have met me here in this place.. So I awake and arise from my bed of complacency."

Bellarive (Tendons)
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Tampa Aquarium

Tampa Aquarium

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"He whispers His promises of restoration into my soul. “I will resurrect your broken heart.” His whispers are like rushing waters in this barren place."

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"I think we are often guilty of seeking for someone or something to satisfy our needs. But until we realize that only Jesus can satisfy, we will never be fulfilled."

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Come Away With Me - Norah Jones 

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Eavesdrop//The Civil Wars

I can’t pull you closer than this
It’s just you and the moon on my skin

Why hello there, good to hear you again.

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